Princeton, Fall 2010

Studio Instructors: Stan Allen, Joseph Bedford

High Pass awarded


The sculpture centre occupies a site in the western part of Long Island City with views over Manhattan. It is located opposite the Sculpture Garden, whose popular summer programme it complements with artists’ residences, studios, indoor workshop, teaching and exhibition space. Four courtyards structure the building and allow light to enter the studio spaces. A series of voids create vertical connections between the different levels and between different programmatic elements. A system of layered ribbon-like walls blurs the distinction between articulated spaces and interstitial spaces captured between different wall elements. 


Spatial Concept

Sketch Model

Plan Level 00

Artist's Studio, Ground Floor (1:50 Model)

Floor Plan Level 01 (left) and View of Internal Courtyard (right)

Sectional Photograph 1:50 Model

Floor Plan Level 03