Cambridge, Fall 2007

Studio Instructors: David Hills, Sam Potter

Preliminary Study


The urbanpigeonholecalendarpinboardcurtain was designed in response to an initial mapping exercise concerned with the wider Waterloo area and research into the effect of hearing impairments on the perception of the city. The curtain acts as a kind of non-virtual blog, a loose framework for the exchange of thoughts on the cultural programme of the Southbank. It is an editing device for the abundance of cultural stimulus that is on offer in this part of London. It also performs as a backdrop for events and as a means to activate the much neglected street level of the Southbank. A 1:1 model was made of a section of the curtain to develop its materiality and finishing in detail.

Inner tubing of bike tires is recycled to cover the top and bottom edges of the curtain, and protects the curtain's seams.

The front face of the curtain consist of ruched vilene material on an orange cotton backing. The labelling is sprayed onto this paper-like surface and reinforced with zigzag stitching. 

The back of the curtain consists of stiff brown silk reinforced by a layer of fleece behind to create a complete black-out effect from the interior.